IMR Gold Star Mi-Ki Breeders 

The IMR Gold Star Mi-Ki Breeders here are striving to produce puppies 
of superior quality and soundness.  These are the breeders who go to the 
extra effort and expense to perform the following health checks on all their breeding stock:

                 * DNA Profiled through the United Kennel Club, Inc. U.K.C.
                 * Pre-breeding physical examination by a Veterinarian
                 * Current on all vaccinations
                 * Orthopedic Foundation for Animals O.F.A. tested and certified on
                    Patella's and Heart
                 * Canine Eye Registration Foundation C.E.R.F. certified.

Gold Star Mi-Ki Breeders Alliance Group Litters Are:

                 * DNA-VIP Profiled through the United Kennel Club, Inc.
                 * Veterinarian exam on Patellas and Hearts, 
(O.F.A. will not certify until 12 months of age)
                 * Current on vaccinations
                 * CERF tested
                 * Dewclaws are removed

If the Breeder you contact does not have what you are looking for 
in a pup or doesn't have any available. 

 You can contact Connie Abel:  or  (920) 452-2069. 


Mi-Kis of Oz   (815) 529-2498


Weavwood Mi-Kis   (502) 633-4711


  Wellspring Mi-Kis  (724) 593-6945 


Lancaster’s Mikis    (804) 745-4449  



Fayeland Mi-Kis  (920) 452-2069

Rainbow’s End Mi-Kis     (920) 261-2846 

 Connie Faye Abel
(920) 452-2069 

   ILLINOIS              KENTUCKY