Gold Star Breeder Alliance Creed 

As a Mi-Ki breeder, I pledge to pursue the betterment and promotion of the Mi-Ki breed.

I promise to seek to improve the Mi-Ki breed with each and every litter I produce, and to be totally dedicated to the advancement of the Mi-Ki breed.

I will continue to learn about the Mi-Ki breed, including their health and any genetic concerns, their appearance, type and temperament.

As a Mi-Ki breeder, I will align myself, my dogs and my actions, and my business practices, with the IMR Code of Ethics.

I promise to do DNA and registration with the UKC, and do all required 
testing for the betterment of the Mi-Ki breed.

I promise to be honest and ethical, continue learning about general dog behavior, training and health care, and be willing to pass my knowledge along to those in need.

Embark officially identifies & adds the Mi-Ki as a unique breed to their database as of May 2022 thanks to the IMR/Embark Breed Club Partnership! 
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UKC Recognized the Mi-Ki Breed as of January 2016 as part of the companion group.

IMR Breeders Code of Ethics 

All Breeders are obligated to join the International Mi-Ki Registry’s Breeders Alliance.  The purpose of the IMR Breeders Alliance is to seek to improve the Mi-Ki breed with every litter. Breeders must be dedicated to the betterment of the breed.  To reach this goal, Breeders must continually learn about the Mi-Ki, including health and genetic concerns, appearance, type and temperament.  Mi-Ki Breeders also need to know about general dog behavior, training and health care to be knowledgeable of the canine species.


1.I will provide a high quality diet, exercise and adequate Veterinary care for any Mi-Kis, adult or puppies, under my care.

2.I will do the appropriate OFA eye, heart and patellar certifications and Veterinarian health exams for the purpose of proving that my Mi-Kis are disease free, before my stud or bitch is bred. I will be conscientious and endeavor to eradicate any inherited abnormalities that may occur. 

3.I will seek knowledge on the special needs of a dam prior to and as needed to best meet her and her puppies’ needs. I will provide the proper diet and exercise, Veterinarian care and supervision during gestation, whelping and lactation for any bitch in my care.

4.   I will be responsible for providing a safe, healthful and beneficial environment for my dam(s) to whelp and nurture their pups in. The area should be clean, dry, aptly warm and draft-free.

5.I will furnish a warm, clean, dry, draft-free area for my stud dog(s) and provide separate accommodations for each if I am housing more than one stud dog.


1.As a responsible Breeder I will honestly evaluate my Mi-Ki’s good and bad points.  I will recognize my dog’s flaws and find a mate with the characteristics that will help reduce or eliminate those flaws. Before breeding my Mi-Ki(s) I will carefully study the IMR Breed Standard as well as the principles of genetics. I will strive to find the best possible match to counteract my Mi-Ki’s flaws. If I am in doubt about a UKC approved stud or bitch I will consult with the IMR Board of Directors to utilize their extensive knowledge of the breeding database and take into consideration their recommendations. 

2.I shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of improving the Mi-Ki breed. 

3.I will do DNA profiling on my breeding stock. DNA profiling from any other source than UKC or BioPet will not be accepted.

4.I will not breed any female less than 4 pounds, a male with only one testicle or any Mi-Ki that has been deemed unsuitable by a veterinarian. 

5.I will not breed any male until it is both physically and mentally mature and the required health certifications are completed.  I will not breed any female prior to their 2nd heat cycle or 15 months of age and all of her health certifications are completed. These rules are to help prevent someone from consistently breeding young dogs without health certifications. They are a guideline for the health and safety of the Breed and exceptions may be made after discussing the specific mating with the IMR board.

6.I will endeavor to breed my Mi-Kis with UKC registered dogs or bitches belonging to a reputable breeder.  Any breeding stock obtained from outside the UKC should be approved, DNA profiled and registered with the IMR & UKC before I breed them to my breeding stock. If considering breeding a bitch or stud unregistered by the UKC all required health certifications should be completed before you breed. This includes any leased bitches or studs.


1.I will register my litters with the UKC and be subject to their rules to do so. I will be responsible for providing a copy of my UKC litter registrations to the IMR. 

2.I will DNA profile all my breeding quality puppies with UKC or BioPet. It is suggested, but not required that pet quality pups be DNA profiled for the integrity of your kennel and the benefit of your buyers.

3.I will abide by the IMR rules on naming of all Mi-Kis. The kennel name of breeder who bred the Mi-Ki must be the first word in the name. Your kennel name may go at the end of the name. The word Mi-Ki cannot be used in the name. 


1.I will provide all Mi-Ki buyers with written details on feeding and general care, along with vaccination records and proof of a recent health exam for each Mi-Ki they are purchasing. I will also give a copy of the appropriate IMR Code of Ethics and a membership form to each buyer. 

2.I will not falsely advertise or promote the Mi-Ki in any context.  I will not falsify pedigrees, certificates, awards, registrations, medical clearances or breeding information. 

3.I will honor all contracts between breeders and owners regarding stud services, sale of dogs and puppies, co-ownerships or co-breedings, guarantees regarding live litter sales or other services.

4.I will spay and neuter all pet quality pups before they are sold or require the buyer to do so by utilizing a spay/neuter contract. These conditions may be waived if there are extenuating circumstances or health reasons to not alter the pup.

5.I will show discrimination in the sale of my puppy and adult canines and seek out healthful, safe and appropriate homes in which each Mi-Ki are to be placed.  I will try not to sell my pick(s) of the litter as spay/neutered pet only. I will try to sell my best puppies to IMR members or reputable UKC breeders. I will require my breedable puppies be registered with the IMR/UKC.

6.I will refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least ten (10) weeks old or eleven (11) weeks old if the puppy is to be transported. 

7.      I will responsibly report to the IMR Board any poor breeding habits or unethical behavior I witness.

The IMR reserves the right to rescind membership to anyone found negligent of good breeding practices or unethical behavior.

Established 12/2001 Revised 08/2011, 08/2013, 02/2016, 07/2016