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IMR Code of Ethics

General Rules of Conduct

1.I will at all times be ethical in my dealings with other IMR members and the general public. I will at all times conduct myself in a manner that exhibits and promotes good ethics, good manners, good sportsmanship and good Mi-Ki stewardship especially in my communications, business transactions and whether attending or participating in any events or functions. 

2.I will behave in a way that does not slander or undermine the IMR, its purpose, Standard, Code of Ethics, Bylaws, its members or its adherents. I will report any unethical behavior I have witnessed to the IMR Board.

3.I will speak in a manner that is beneficial and respectful, never to impair the reputation of another member or the IMR.

4.I will not falsely advertise or promote the Mi-Ki in any context.  I will strive to educate all interested parties about the Mi-Ki and its needs in order to foster responsible dog ownership and promote the breed.

5.I will uphold to the IMR Standard for the Mi-Ki whether I will be breeding or not.

6.I will provide a high quality diet, appropriate exercise and adequate Veterinary care for my Mi-Kis through out their lifetimes.  If any of my Mi-Kis need to be euthanized it will be done in a most humane manner by a Veterinarian.  

7.I will not sell, give away or otherwise transfer my dogs to any experimental lab, animal shelter, pet shop, animal wholesaler, puppy mill, or known unethical breeder.  I will not engage in a wholesale or puppy mill business, nor will I engage in or promote any form of dog fighting.


1.I will honor all contracts of sale, co-ownerships, guarantees or other services.


The IMR reserves the right to deny any dog registration privileges. 

1.If I decide to breed a Mi-Ki that was sold to me as a pet I will get written permission from the breeder I got my Mi-Ki from, do all the required health certifications and register all my breeding Mi-Kis and their offspring with the International Mi-Ki Registry and the UKC.  

2.I will abide by the IMR rules and the seller’s contract on naming of my dogs. The kennel name of the breeder that produced the Mi-Ki must be the first word in the dog’s name and the word Mi-Ki isn’t allowed in the name. The kennel name of the owner of the dog can go at the end of the name. 


To become a registered breeder in the IMR, members must join the IMR Breeders Alliance, and accept the Creed and the Breeding Program as outlined in the IMR Breeders Code of Ethics.  To apply for a copy of the IMR Breeders Code of Ethics and become a member of the Breeders Alliance, contact any Board Member. 

    The IMR reserves the right to rescind the membership of anyone found guilty of unethical behavior. 

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