The International Mi-Ki Registry Purpose

We are a club dedicated to promoting and preserving the Integrity and future of this new small breed the Mi-Ki (Mee-Kee).  We only encourage and promote quality breeding of this new breed and we aim to do all that's possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

Health Checks play a very important part in your Mi-Kis future and since the Mi-Ki is still a breed under development, our club will continue to be interested in our puppies' health throughout their lives.  This will help us identify and work to minimize health issues in our breed, to keep the Mi-Kis the wonderful companions they were intended to be.  We here at the IMR advocate doing OFA testing on heart, eye, and patella, with DNA-VIP profiling to other Mi-Ki Clubs and organizations.  So far it has paid off, since we see that some are starting to follow suit.  

In Fact Beginning In The Year "2000"  
The IMR Has The Very First Mi-Kis To Be Registered With  
CERF For Eyes And OFA for Patella's And Cardiac.   

Mi-Ki Puppy Getting First CERF Eye Exam

Our purpose will be achieved by:
Our exemplary breeding program, which includes belonging to the IMR Breeders Alliance, DNA-VIP Profiling (through the United Kennel Club, Inc.  Established in 1898)  Health exams and a strict Breeders Code Of Ethics.  Only the Gold Star Mi-Ki Breeders Alliance are listed, on the web site.

"By all our members and breeders accepting the: Bylaws, Code of Ethics and the approved International Mi-Ki Registry Standard as the Official Mi-Ki Standard of excellence".

"By protecting and advancing the interest of this non-shedd, long haired, silky coated small breed and encouraging sportsman-like competition at Conformation shows, Agility and Obedience Trials and all other Club and Public Activities".

International Mi-Ki Registry
c/o Connie Faye Abel
1433 Ontario Ave
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