Happy 4th of July!
Salty Dog
Trick or Treat?
Spring has sprung!
I love my pacifier!
Chicago & Other Pet Expos
Madison, WI  -Yum, Yum they got Treats!
Louisville, Kentucky 
Louisville, Kentucky
Madison, WI - Who are you?
All wrapped up in the season!
Buckle up for safety!
Iowa Pet Expo
I'm so proud!
Parades are always fun!
Making friends!
CCI Benefit in Illinois

This is the life!
Bathing Beauties!
IMR Specialty
Chicago- We can sleep anywhere!
Chicago - Did some one say pictures?
Chicago- I'm not that kind of girl!
Chicago - Nap Time!
Chicago- We have a birds eye view!
I love a good lap!
Old people are fun!
What do you mean I can't ride the pig?
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