We, as breeders, have found these items to be very useful with raising Mi-Kis in our homes.

Check them out!


A little purse that clips on your belt, can add a house key and a credit card or 2 but it's real function is a poop bag holder reach in to the slit in the front and grab a bag, they come out like kleenex put it over your hand pic up turn inside out pull the drawstring. if you watch the video they show you how to do all of this 1 handed :>). Since I take my kids out lots in the summer it's nice not to have to stuff my pockets with bags. I picked mine up at the Pet Expo.


The best petbeds I have found are Petsakes beds. I have 1 that is 3 or 4 years old and it still looks brand new they wash and wear beautifully.  They come in several sizes.


Washable potty pads found at Opportunity Development Centers online. Great moneysaver.  


Best de-mat spray EVER is Kelco De Mat Spray. I buy it by the gallon and have given away much more than I have used yes it is that good and all natural too!

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